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All Jack/Ianto fanvids - and I mean really all (at least at You Tube and Vimeo)

Now it is official I am totally nutters!

Here for all who are interested are the YT playlist (which I spoke of before) with all the Jack/Ianto fanvids I could possibly find. I excluded x-over vids, vids with another major pairing, with blocked audio track and simple clips from the episodes. I hope you can live with it.

The playlists are chronological organised. 1 is the oldest 4 the youngest list. If you want to watch all of the 747 videos in order you have to start with 4 and finish with 1.,
Because of this order I hope that you will be able to determine quite easily, if I missed your video. PLEASE let me know via PM.

I really spend days on this, because YouTube search is a bitch especially if it tries to organise the vids by date. Because sometimes it repeats part of the search (e.g. abou 4 pages of it), or for 3 pages the first and second vids are always the same.
AND one can only see the first 1000 results even if it says that there are more. So please give me your links, especially for older vids like from 2007 and 2006.
Another problem is that some videos are only visible in the US because of the used music. I think I tricked YT successfully, but there may be some vids missing, because of this. So please let me know.

O.K. enough ranting talking! *Putting my hand over my mouth*.
Here are the playlists. Enjoy and let me know what you think about them. And if you want, visit me at my YT Channel and subscribe to it.

All Jack/Ianto Fanvids 4

All Jack/Ianto Fanvids 3

All Jack/Ianto Fanvids 2

All Jack/Ianto Fanvids 1

And who still not has enough, can watch the about ten Janto vids on vimeo, too. ;)

Brain boiling? Could not find your video? Please let me know.
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